A Guide To Estimating Cost On a Bathroom Remodel

  • bathroom remodel tipsA bathroom remodel can add value to your home and also make it look beautiful. When you renovate your bathroom or add a second one, it increases your convenience. However, renovating the bathroom or even adding another bathroom to your home is a big task and also one which would be a little expensive. You would need to hire the services of professionals and set up a budget.

    Estimating the Costs

    If you are planning a bathroom remodel, the first step would be to set up a budget for the project. Without estimation and a budget, things can be a little difficult to carry forward. Given below is the guide on how you can estimate the cost of adding a bathroom to your home:

    The Basic Decision

    The first thing that you would have to decide is where you want your new bathroom to be. If your new bathroom is going to be built in the existing square footage, the cost would be less.

    The Plan

    The next thing to do is to measure the entire space and then draw up a detailed plan. If you need a full bathroom, you would need enough space for a sink, toilet and a tub. If you have more space, you can think about adding a whirlpool. If the space is small, just go for a walk in shower, sink and toilet.

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